Past Concerts

Here is the list of our previous concerts and festivals. Find pictures on our facebook page.

03/10/2019 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night X: Soft Riot (ca), Kezdown (be) + dj sets

26/09/2019 – Tour à Plomb (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LXVI: Kollaps (au), Nytt Land (ru), Xavier Kruth & Crooniek (be) + dj sets

08/06/2019 – La Bodega (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LXV: Zanias (au), Buzz Kull (au), Figure Section (be) + afterparty

06/04/2019 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LIX: Fixmer/McCarthy (uk/fr), QUAL (uk), Sydney Valette (fr), Deleritas (be)

09/03/2019 – Botanique (Rotonde) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LVIII: Boy Harsher (us), Kontravoid (ca) + dj sets

16/02/2019 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LVII:Kaelan Mikla (is), Some Ember (us/de), Turquoise (be) + afterparty

09/01/2019 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night IX: Fangs on Fur (us), Cheshire Cat (The Bouncing) (fr) + afterparty

07/12/2018 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LVI: Adult. (us), DIVE (be), Hà;People . 3 . 55 . + afterparty

24/11/2018 – CaliClub (Drogenbos)
The Names Quarantaine: The Names, The Passengers, P.A.N.T.H.E.R. (be) + dj sets

10/11/2018 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Ceremony Festival #2: Lebanon Hanover (de/uk), Sad Lovers & Giants (uk), H ø R D (fr), Apparaat (be), Kezdown (be) + dj sets

18/10/2018 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night VIII: Bootblacks (us), Traitrs (ca), Living Temples (sw/de) + afterparty

15/09/2018 – Théâtre Mercelis (Brussels)
Persephone (au), Seesayle (be)

02/06/2018 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LV: Xeno & Oaklander (us), Fasenuoava (sp), Frozen Nation (be) + afterparty

07/04/2018 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Crisis (uk), De Brassers (be), Factice Factory (fr) + dj sets

24/03/2018 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LIV: Mona Mur feat. En Esch (de), Bettina Köster (de), Hanoh-Ha (be) + afterparty

23/02/2018 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Clan of Xymox (nl), The Breath of Life (be), The Arch (be) + afterparty

25/11/2017 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LIV: Carla dal Forno (us), Black Heart (at), P.A.N.T.H.E.R. (be) + afterparty

30/09/2017 – CaliClub (Drogenbos)
Fantastique.Night LII: Winter Severity Index (it), Bleib Modern (de), Baby Fire (be)

17/03/2017 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night LI: Cold Cave (us), Drab Majesty (us) + afterparty

14/01/2017 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXXX: Parade Ground (be), The Juggernauts (be), Simi Nah (be), Dear Deer (fr) + afterparty

24/11/2016 – VK* (Brussels)
Carpenter Brut (fr), Nightstalker (be)

24/09/2016 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLIX: Minny Pops (nl), Venin Carmin (fr), Monographic (de), The Hermetic Electric (be) + afterparty

14/04/2016 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLVIII: Molly Nilsson (sw), Mary Ocher (de), Rodolphe Coster (be) + afterparty

06/02/2016 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLVII: Schonwald (it), Winter Severity Index (it), Starcontrol (it), Phantom Love (it) + afterparty

01/10/2015 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night VII: Black Magique (ca), Kinex Kinex (be) + afterparty

19/09/2015 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLVI: Position Parallèle (fr), XTR Human (de), Berlin Ouest (be) + afterparty

30/05/2015 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Ceremony Festival #1: Perturbator (fr), Modern English (uk), Felix Kubin (de), Tying Tiffany (it), Organic (be), Geometric Vision (it) + dj sets

21/02/2015– Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLV: She Past Away (tr), Charnier (be), Terror Terror (be) + afterparty

13/12/2014 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLIV: Detachments (uk), Ash Code (it), Risk Risk (be) + afterparty

12/11/2014 – VK* (Brussels)
Esben and the Witch (uk), Empereur (be)

04/10/2014 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLIII: The Breath of Life (be), Soror Dolorosa (fr), Saigon Blue Rain (fr) + afterparty

24/09/2014 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night VI: Unhappybirthday (de), Melting Time (be) + afterparty

24/05/2014 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLII: – Soft Metals (us), Sally Dige (dk), Pure Ground (us), Luminance (be) + afterparty

15/05/2014 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night V: Dream Affair (us), Unidentified Man (be) + afterparty

22/03/2014 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XLI: Cosmetics (ca), Les Panties (be), Mode Moderne (can), Open City (be) + afterparty

16/01/2014 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night IV: Chevalier Avant-garde (ca) + afterparty

07/12/2013 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XL: Sixth June (sr), Keluar (de), Froe Char (fr) + afterparty

16/10/2013 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night III: Automelodi (ca) + afterparty

04/10/2013 – Rock Classic (Brussels)
Nehl Aëlin

21/09/2013 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXIX: Underviewer (be), Cruise CTRL (be), Maria (be) + afterparty

23/05/2013 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night II: Terror Bird (ca), Luminance (be), Mattress (us) + afterparty

23/02/2013 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXVIII: Sad Lovers & Giants (uk), Thieves of Silence (be) + afterparty

08/12/2012 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXVII: Agent Side Grinder (sw), Surfer Rosa (fr), unhappybirthday (de) + afterparty

09/11/2012 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Kas Product (fr), :codes (be), Tetra Plok (be) + afterparty

22/09/2012 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXVI:– Ike Yard (us), HNN (fr), True Zebra (be) + afterparty

12/09/2012 – Café Central (Brussels)
Fantomatic.Night I: The Present Moment (us) + afterparty

30/06/2012 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXV: Hanin Elias (de), Les Panties (be) + afterparty

12/04/2012 – VK* (Brussels)
Emily Autumn

03/03/2012 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXIV: Mona Mur & En Esch (de), KatzKab (fr), Le Baron5 (be) + afterparty

25/01/2012 – Botanique (Orangerie) (Brussels)
VNV Nation (uk), Destroid (de)

03/12/2011 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXIII: Charles De Goal (fr), Crimson Muddle (fr), Oranic (be) + afterparty

17/09/2011 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXII: Rome (lu), Evi Vine (uk), Mongolito (be) + afterparty

07/05/2011 – Tower’s Art Gallery (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXXI: Mushy (it), Echo West (de), Jewels of the Nile (us) + afterparty

10/11/2010 – Madame Moustache (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXX: Geneviéve Pasquier (de), Velvet Condom (de), Tetra Plok (be) + afterparty

26/06/2010 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXIX: Norma Loy (fr), Object (fr), Thieves of Silence (be) + afterparty

10/04/2010 – VK* (Brussels)
Trisomie 21 (fr), Cruise [CTRL] (be), :codes (be) + dj sets

20/02/2010 – Botanique (Witloof Bar)
Fantastique.Night XXVIII: Noblesse Oblige (de/fr/uk), Risqué (sp/fr), Posterboy Machine (fr) + afterparty

12/12/2009 – Plan K/La Raffinerie (Brussels)
A Factory Night (and then again): A Certain Ratio (uk), Section 25 (uk), Biting Tongues (uk), The Wake (uk), The Names (uk), Re:Order (uk) + dj sets + exhibitions

03/10/2009 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXVII: The Eden House (uk), Sophya (nl/il) + afterparty

27/06/2009 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXVI:- Neon (it), De Volanges (be), No Tears (fr) + afterparty

07/02/2009 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXV: Dead Sexy Inc. (fr), Mignon (de), Alk-A-Line (be)

07/11/2008 – Ancienne Belgique (Brussels)
Section 25 & Peter Hook (uk), Kevin Hewick (uk) + screenings

25/10/2008 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXIV:- For Against (us), Red Zebra (be), Perverted by Language (beà + afterparty

28/06/2008 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXIII: 32 Crash (be), Buzz (fr), Texas Trauma (be) + afterparty

12/04/2008 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Enfant Terrible Night : Agent Side Grinder (sw), Wermut (de), Nosztalgia Direktiva (hu), :codes (be) + afterparty

02/02/2008 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXII: Spiritual Front (it), Avant-Garde (it), Thot (be) + afterparty

07/01/2008 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Enfant Terrible Label Night – Agent Side Grinder (sw), Wermut (de), Nosztalgia Direktiva (hu), :codes (be) + afterparty

15/12/2007 – Plan K/La Raffinerie (Brussels)
A Factory Night (once again): Section 25 (uk), Crispy Ambulance (uk), The Names (be), Kevin Hewick (uk), Peter Hook (uk), Martin Moscrop (uk) + dj sets + exhibions

29/09/2007 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XXI: Arcana (sw), TAT (fr), Keltia (be) + afterparty

23/06/2007 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XX: Clair Obscur (fr), Guerre Froide (fr), Cruise [Ctrl] (be) + afterparty

17/03/2007 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XIX: Violet Stigmata (fr), Jabberwock (fr), Erato (be) + afterparty

22/12/2007 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XVIII: Plastic Noise Experience (de), Modern Cubism (be), Zauber (be) + afterparty

13/10/2006 – Ten Weyngaert (Brussels)
Medieval Fantasy Night: QNTAL (de), Omnia (nl), Faun (de), Unto Ashes (us)

07/10/2006 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XVII: Chants of Maldoror (it), Katzenjammer Kabarett (fr), 26 Tears (be) + afterparty

20/08/2006 – Ten Weyngaert (Brussels)
The Birthday Massacre (ca)

24/06/2006 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XVI: Section 25 (uk), De Volanges

12/05/2006 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XV: Spear Of Destiny, Gene Loves Jezebel, Texas Trauma + afterparty

18/03/2006 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XIV: Frozen Autumn (it), Trauma Pet (uk), Chatterboxes (be) + afterparty

07/01/2006 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Electronic Invastion Festival: La Séduction des Innocents (fr), Porn.Darsteller (fr), Idiosyncrasia (be), [Cruise CTRL] (be) + afterparty

19/11/2005 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XIII: The Breath of Life (be), Olen’K (fr) + afterparty

08/10/2005 – Studio Athanor (Brussels)
Howard Jones (uk) (acoustic show) + afterparty

20/08/2005 – Studio Athanor (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night XII: The Birthday Massacre (ca), Skeptical Minds (be), De Volanges (be) + afterparty

03/06/2005 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Zarb Metal Night: Skeptical Minds (be), Garden of Decay (be), Akphaezya (fr), Quiet (fr) + dj sets

02/04/2005 – Botanique (witloof bar)
Fantastique.Night XI: Pzychobitch (de), Pressure Control (fr/be), Dreadfool (be) + afterparty

12/02/2005 – Spirit of 66 (Verviers)

Dark Spirit Night II – Collection d’Arnell Andréa (fr), Acid China X (be)

05/02/2005 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night X: A Challenge of Honour (nl), Tzolkin (fr), Omnicore (fr), Lith (fr) + afterparty

23/12/2004 – Spirit of 66 (Verviers)
Dark Spirit Night I: GoR (it), Keltia (be)

18/12/2004 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night IX: Persephone (de), Nehl Aëlin (fr)

18/09/2004 – Botanique (Witloof Bar) (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night VIII: In My Rosary (de), Seventh Harmonic (uk) + afterparty

03/04/2004 – Botanique (Witloof Bar)
Fantastique.Night VII:  Collection d’Arnell-Andréa (fr), Soysoy (be) + afterparty

20/12/2003 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night VI: God’s Bow (pl), Libitina (uk), K-Oz Office (be) + afterparty

11/10/2003 – Botanique (Rotonde) (Brussels)
Heavenly & Faeric Night: Louisa John-Krol (au), GoR (it), Keltia (be)

31/05/2003 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night V: Punish Yourself (fr), Pro Jekt (uk), PHC (be)

22/03/2003 – Magasin 4
Fantastique.Night IV:  - Sophya (nl/il), The Dawn Visitors (be), Fleen (fr) + afterparty

19/10/2002 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night III: Implant (be), H.I.V+ (fr), Empusae (be) + afterparty

30/11/2002 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night II: In My Rosary (de), One For Jude (fr), Dead Man’s Hill (be) + afterparty

01/06/2002 – Magasin 4 (Brussels)
Fantastique.Night I: Heyaeb (be), Methane (fr), Empusae (be) + afterparty