Present Dark Music From The Past

Centre Tour à Plomb – Brussels – Saturday 30 November 2019 – 17:00

Written by Joy Division and released by New Order, « Ceremony » is a cult song, a unique combination of post-punk, indie rock and dance music created by genius musicians from Manchester. It also symbolizes the transition from post-punk to cold wave.

Inspired by this track and these bands, Ceremony is the festival version of Brussels Fantastique.Nights. It is dedicated to underground music, mixing styles and times: post-punk, synth pop, new wave, krautrock and industrial sounds from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This third edition once again combines cult artists, reference bands and exciting newcomers. It will take place in two halls of the beautiful Centre Tour à Plomb in Brussels.

Welcome to the party. Here is Ceremony.


Linea Aspera comprises of the synths & programming of Ryan Ambridge and the vocals of Alison Lewis aka Zanias. First drawn together in 2011 in London through a shared passion for coldwave, minimal synth and electronic body music and a collection of vintage analogue synthesisers, their emergence was swift, with songs written over the course of just a few hours at a time. Nine months of writing and recording in a student flat on Caledonian Road culminated in the release of their self-titled album in September 2012 on Dark Entries Records. The album’s 8 tracks explore themes of loss, revenge and renewal through scientific analogies, driven by ice-cold melodies drenched in analogue warmth.

After a short run of well-received live shows in London and around Europe, the project was put on hiatus until this year with an exclusive date at Ceremony Festival #3!




Desperate Journalist is post-punk band that was formed in North London in 2012 by Jo Bevan (vocals), Rob Hardy (guitar), Simon Drowner (bass) and Caroline Helbert (drums). Hardy and Drowner had previously played together in Birmingham-based band The Drowners. Drowner had then later played bass in Bevan’s previous band If… Helbert joined the band as drummer, having « never really played before ». The band’s name derives from The Cure rarity, « Desperate Journalist in Ongoing Meaningful Review Situation ».

The band played their first gig in February 2013 at the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park. After self-releasing debut EP Cristina, they were quickly signed by Fierce Panda, who released « Organ » and « Happening » as singles, leading to their debut album, Desperate Journalist, in November 2014, which was recorded at Dean Street Studios with Keith TOTP.

The Quietus, reviewing their debut album, described them as « beautiful and spellbinding » ; Drowned in Sound said that they had « effortless grace » and praised Bevan’s vocals. The band toured the UK to support the release of the album, including an appearance at Whitby.

In 2015 the band played indietracks, headlined the 100 Club, and released a new EP, Good Luck. In 2016, they toured Europe in the spring, and supported Chameleons Vox on a UK tour in August, as well as recording a second album.

The second album, Grow Up, was released in March 2017, backed by a headline tour of the UK and Germany, including a date at the Scala. The first single, « Hollow », was released in October 2016, with an official music video following in November. It was reviewed well by Stereogum, and was picked out as Song of the Day by KEXP. The second single, « Resolution », about New Year’s Eve parties, was released on 1 January 2017 and has been playlisted by BBC Radio 6 Music. A third single, « Be Kind », was released in March 2017, two weeks before the album. It was playlisted by Virgin Radio UK. The fourth and final single, « Why Are You So Boring? », a ‘protest song about tossers’ was released in June 2017. The band toured throughout 2017 making summer festival appearances at Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Tramlines, and Benicàssim, and supporting the Slow Readers Club on tour in November.

The band released a new single, « It Gets Better » in January 2018, from forthcoming EP You Get Used To It, whose release coincided with a German tour in April 2018. In November 2018 the band released « Cedars », the first single of a third album, In Search of the Miraculous, for release in February 2019. From November 2018 they are joined by Charley Stone (Salad) as a live guitarist.



HANTE. (fr)

Hante. is a one woman project from Paris. Behind the synths, Hélène de Thoury is escaping the reality and facing her fears. Through her cold, synthetic and melancholic music, she reveals herself and offers deep emotions, mixing haunting darkwave and striking electronics.

After her noteworthy projects Phosphor and Minuit Machine, Hante. released her first solo album Her Fall And Rise in December 2014 on the label Stellar Kinematics and immediately won fans of the genre’s heart. Another album This Fog That Never Ends and an EP No Hard Feelings followed in 2016, produced in her own Parisian studio and label Synth Religion. Hélène released her third album Between Hope & Danger in May 2017, another very intimate piece, full of passion and darkness.

Since 2015, she played more than 50 gigs in clubs and festivals around Europe and North-America.

On January 18 2019, Hante. released a new album FIERCE through Metropolis Records for North America and Synth Religion for the rest of the world. A US tour followed in Spring and a European tour in Autumn with a stop at Ceremony #3.



SUIR (de)

SUIR is a Frankfurt based duo founded 2016. In a constant interplay of guitars and synthesizers, supported by industrialesque drumbeats and melancholic lyrics, SUIR produces a reverberated psychedelic post-punk defined by dense, lynchesque sound walls and a hypnotic visualisation. Their live show creates a powerful and atmospheric feeling like waking up from a dark and intense dream.

In October 2018, they released a new record called Soma. It is the second record after their debut album Ater which came out 2017 on Philipp Läufer´s label Black Verb Records. In addition to this, the new album is also supported by the French label Manic Depression Records.

After touring through eastern Europe SUIR settled in Warsaw for the winter as a break from their surroundings and to focus on the artistic process of writing music. In this cold and grey city, they got highly inspired by its brutal and torn atmosphere. Especially the self-concentrated creativity and rawness of the underground music scene of Warsaw with its unresting artists, myriad bands and hard techno was able to have an ongoing impact on the band´s sound.

As a result of this time and its experiences, the new album SOMA shows a widening of sound with more powerful even sometimes industrialesque drums and more accentuated guitars and pure intuition.




In 2016, after relocating from her hometown of Reykjavík to Berlin, Kælan Mikla keyboardist and back-up singer Sólveig Matthildur found herself alone in her apartment, surrounded by diaries, books of poetry, and the cracked cases of old Massive Attack and Portishead CDs. It was a sombre time and one ripe for self-reflection and re-invention.

“I started writing my solo music when I moved to Berlin in 2016,” she writes. “I struggled with understanding the line between dreams and reality, but I learned how to record music on a computer and slowly started building up my solo project.” That project culminated in Sólveig’s first solo record, which she self-released in 2017. Entitled Unexplained Miseries & the Acceptance of Sorrow, the first record made quite a splash in Iceland, winning the prestigious Kraumur Award that year, and also landing Sólveig a spot at the world-renowned Iceland Airwaves and Roadburn festivals. The record was subsequently re-released on physical and digital formats by Artoffact Records, who also handles Kælan Mikla.

Sólveig has also stated that releasing that first record gave her the ability to come to peace with her past (she released a 7” in 2018 called « Affliction/Absolution »). Following solo tours in Europe and Japan, as well as her hectic schedule with darkwave phenoms Kælan Mikla, it’s amazing that Sólveig has even found the time to create a new record, and even more amazing to witness the depth and beauty of it.

This second record, Constantly in Love, was released in Aprl 2019. It is an emotional, poetic, and breathtaking creation. From the light-hearted but dead serious first single and video (“Dystopian Boy”), to the medieval symmetry of the album’s construction, Sólveig has, quite possibly, written an album for the ages.




One piece of mind vision, Faust Project (deep South Belgium) reveals decades of musical background through tensions and anxiety. One man band capturing dark wave and post-punk styles with noise guitar assault and video support.

Somewhere between the shadows first EP tape, out on Analog Wasteland records in February 2019.



Sauvage is a Belgian electronica / synthpop band, founded by producer and multi-instrumentalist Fab DuBard.
In 2015, after many years playing rock music and touring major concert halls and festivals in Belgium (Ancienne Belgique, Botanique, Cirque Royal, Dour Festival, Francofolies de Spa…) and in Europe (tour in Germany, France and Eastern Europe), the former dIPLOMAT frontman started working on new songs in a genre he loved so much as a teenager: synthpop.

In 2016, he started collaborating with a first singer and a drummer under the banner, P.?.N.T.H.E.R and the trio worked together for two years and recorded an EP, Part One – Unleashing, a title referring to newfound freedom. Entirely autobiographical, the tracks tell the story of a dramatic descent into hell, from pure and supposedly indestructible love to betrayal, violence and eventually, the end of the relationship.

The band played several gigs (Burgrock Festival, Maanrock Rally, Humo’s Rock Rally, Bear Rock Festival…) and won a few awards. In December 2018, “The Race” (track #4) was released on Constellation de Comportements, a sampler released by the legendary label Les Disques du Crépuscule.

In March 2019, Stien Bovijn (Sweats, solo project) joined in as a new singer and the project changed its name to Sauvage.




Founded early 2015 in Caserta (Italy) by Dario Amoroso (synth / drum machine) and Pierluigi Michele Grauso (guitars) as an experimental duo, Instant Lake were soon joined by Daniele Landolfi (vocals / synth, 100 Club band) and Carlo Landolfi (bass guitar) to produce a more powerful sound. In July 2018, Gennaro De Lena replaced Daniele Landolfi on vocals.

The first new wave and post-punk oriented demos catched the attention of different labels. Wave Records signed the band for an album and released the single « Caustèro » in 2016, followed by the remix ‘Caustèro Paolo Favati Remix at Blue Velvet’ and the second single « Sit Back ». In June 2017, Wave Records published Refractory, a debut album articulated on the search for obsessive sounds and dark melodies with minimal electronic rhythms.




Baxter (Antwerp – Underground Wave) takes you from the past to the future and back again, with loads of mysterious wavebeatz to dance to, from darkwave to minimal synth, from underground wave to future synth, pay a visit to the deviant room and get lost in something different…

Polina Y (New York / Berlin / Bruges)  is currently host and DJ at the weekly Mutant Transmissions radio and video show in Bruges 106.4. She has a long history as international DJ including residencies in New York, Los Angeles and Berlin. Polina is also the main force behind the infamous Drop Dead Festival and Magazine as well as resident DJ for the Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig. Since 2019, she’s resident at Fantastique.Nights and Club New Wave in Brussels.

Hatecraft (Brussels – Addams Family) promotes concerts and parties for many years. He also ran a the Atmosphere show on radio Rectangle. He’s a huge fan of Joy Division and New Order. Although he opened his mind to electronic, pop, industrial, gothic and noisy pop music, the 78-84 period remains his favourite one.

X-Pulsiv (Brussels – Fantastique.Nights) is djing in Brussels for more than 20 years. He was resident at the infamous Pigrimage parties.


Presale: €25 + fee (online shop) (until 29.11)
At the door: €30 (or online shop at full price + fee)


Centre Tour à Plomb / Hageltoren
Rue de l’abattoir 24 slaghuisstraat – 1000 Brussels


Train: he club is 15 minutes walk from the Brussels Midi/Zuid station
Metro: Gare du Midi / Zuidstation – Lemonnier
Car: you can easily park along the boulevard du Midi / Zuidlaan and the boulevard Poincaré / Poincarélaan and at the « rue de la rosée / dauwstraat » parking.


Guitar Stage
Synth Stage
17:00 doors
17:30 Instant Lake
dj set
18:10 dj set
18:50 Faust Project
dj set
19:40 dj set Solveig Matthildur
20:30 SUIR dj set
21:30 dj set Hante.
22:30 Desperate Journalist dj set
23:40 dj set Linea Aspera
00:40 - dj sets
03:00 curfew


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