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Magasin 4 – Brussels – Saturday 10 November 2018 – 18:30

Written by Joy Division, released by New Order, « Ceremony » is a cult song, a unique combination of indie rock and dance music invented by the genius bands from Manchester. It is also the symbol ot the transition from post-punk to cold wave.

Inspired by this track and these bands, Ceremony is the festival version of the well known Fantastique.Nights. It is dedicated to underground music, mixing styles and times: post-punk, synth pop, new wave, krautrock and industrial sounds from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This second edition, combines cult artists (Sad Lovers & Giants), reference bands (Lebanon Hanover and HøRD) and exciting newcomers (Apparaat and Kezdown).

Welcome to the party. Here is Ceremony.


Lebanon Hanover are Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline, two hopeless nostalgics that met in Summer 2010 and were nauseated by the overproduced obnoxious digital music of the time. They threw away their studies/jobs and dedicated their life to the analog world of the early 80s’ sounds of love and true feelings. Eventually, they bought an old MS20 and locked themselves up in William’s parent’s house in Sunderland, the UK. Lebanon Hanover always felt like they feel a bit more than the rest, so getting lost in literature, art aesthetics and brutal forests helped to cope with feelings of isolation.

Their albums are an honest result of two forsaken manic depressives, blending lush synthesizers with wavey guitars on top of Williams solid strong  basslines. Larissas humoristic point-black  English / German lyrics are the distinguished mark of the band.

Alien is the fifth album of Lebanon Hanover. It explores the sonic and emotional range that the audience have learned to expect from the band. It is built up in emotional vocals, liquid chords, dramatic keys, and distorted digital waves where the duo recalls the eerie clouds of industrial and goth 1980′s. The album depicts the dark honesty and profound feelings of two alienated personas with true romantic hearts yet feeling socially unrest. In each track, William and Larissa tell a different story which will sweep the audience through a deep, conscious, continual and wistful trip, and ultimately keep them anchored in feelings.



Formed in Watford, England in 1980 Sad Lovers & Giants released two singles, « Imagination » and the double A side « Colourless Dream/Things We Never Did » on their own Last Movement label before signing to indie label Midnight Music Records in 1982. They released five studio albums with Midnight before Cherry Red Records picked up the Midnight roster in the early 90′s. High notes in their long and disjointed career were recording a session for BBC Radio One’s prime time John Peel show, touring the west coast of America and showcasing at the 2016 SXSW festival in Austin Texas.

They’ve played in every major city in Europe, split twice, reformed and released a sixth studio album, Melting in the Fullness of Time then split again before their final reformation in 2010 with the lineup that has recorded their latest Mission Creep album. Older, wiser and with an even more resolutely obstinate world view, such a masterly collection of epic new songs will confirm the status of this unique band.


H ø R D (f)

H ø r d  creates electronic music inspired by cold wave, soundtracks, fantasy movies, oscillating between epic compositions, EBM and techno pulse, and also more contemplative tracks. After performances in his own musical territory, he gradually invaded the European synth wave scene, signing a remix for Winter Severity Index and performing live in Germany (Wave Gotik Treffen), Belgium, Czech Republic, Swiss, Malta, Italia, Austria or Spain.

His first album, Focus On Light was released 2016 on Anton Maiiovi’s label Giallo Disco Records and sold out in 6 weeks. In 2017, his third EP Futures was out on Sacred Court, label of electronic artist SNTS. His upcoming second LP will be out in Avant! Records in September 2018.



Apparaat is an electro rock band from Antwerp. The group consists of Bart Willems (vocals, guitar), Rudi Mertens (bass) and David De Smet (synths). Apparaat is a fierce group, with piercing guitars, atmospheric synths and a throbbing bass. And with the cool yet pensive emotion of Willems’ voice and lyrics. During performances, « loud » is their motto, but their demo also shows a more subtle side. « Wrong Tattoo » is their most spiteful track. It barks and bites.

How would you feel if you got a swastika tattoo by mistake? Dry reverberating beats and whooshing keyboards accompany Willems’ laconically desperate reflections on love in « I Must Have Loved You For A Minute Or two. ». « Metal Rain » sounds menacing and minimalist as if Fad Gadget got up on the wrong side of the bed.



If we had to summarize Kezdown in one word, inertia would be, by far, the perfect term. An inertia fed, amplified, motivated, magnified… by some various events and elements apparently insignificant but, ultimately, implacable in the slow gestation of this musical project.

Their music can be described as dark/synth pop, influenced by bands like Fad Gadget, The Neon Judgement, New Order… featuring untamed synths, new wave guitars and a voice… cold but warm at the same time (don’t try to understand).

Escape Lane, their first album, was mastered by Len « the sweety Lenny » Lemeire at Implant studio and released by Wool-E-Disc.




DJ sets

Between and after concerts, fine and dark tracks selected by Lisa Luv (Addams Family) and X-Pulsiv (Fantastique.Nights).




Magasin 4
Avenue du Port 51B Havenlaan – 1000 Brussels

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