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Fantomatic.Night II
Café Central – Brussels – 23 May 2013 – 20:00


Après un premier épisode à succès, voici la deuxième Fantomatic.Night, version minimale des Fantastique.Nights !

A l’affiche, les Canadiennes de Terror Bird et les Américains de Mattress, ainsi que les bruxellois de Luminance !

Avant et après le concert, Hatecraft, Muffin et X-Pulsiv se succèderont aux platines pour des sets analogiques et froids, exclusivement.

Une bonne nouvelle ne venant jamais seule, l’entrée est gratuite !


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Terror Bird (can – bedroom wave)

Terror Bird began in Vancouver, a city known for its large mountains, drug addiction problems, and rain. Starting in 2007, Nikki Nevver began to write the first of what would become hundreds of songs. At first, Nikki recorded solely on a 4-track tape recorder; her releases were home-made, 90 minute tapes, which Nevver gave away only to her friends.
Eventually, Nikki began to record on a digital 8 track, which allowed for fuller songs, and the opportunity to play around with reverb and delay, sans pedals. One of the Terror Bird’s first vinyl releases, « Shadows in the Hall » drew the attention of Rough Trade, who featured Terror Bird’s title track as part of their Synth Wave 10 compilation, along with Crystal Castles, Fever Ray, Zola Jesus, Grimes, and more.
Eventually, Terror Bird gained a drummer. Together, the band created two releases for US label Night people, cheekily titled « Sociopaths are Glam » and « Human Culture ». These releases became known in the underground music scene for their lo-fi sound, defined use of vocal effects, and ultra-gloomy lyrics.

German label, Adagio 830 (who co-release « Human Culture ») released Terror Bird’s second album, « Secret Rituals », an album full of expansive, dreamy goth-pop.
While performing live, the band has had several different synthesizer players in addition to Nevver’s live synth. Currently, the live Terror Bird band has cello player, Leanne and synth player, Jen accompanying Nikki’s singing and electronic drums with parts the band members have written themselves.
While sometimes compared with Zola Jesus or Siouxie and the Banshees, Terror Bird can’t be categorized so easily. Nevver’s influences include David Bowie, Kate Bush, 80s synth pop (like Gary Numan, Ultravox, and Depeche Mode) , minimal and cold wave, and goth. But it is also influenced by 70s glam rock, philip glass, Belle & Sebastian, 60′s pop music like the Righteous Brothers and Lesley Gore. However, when asked to describe Terror B


Luminance (b – nu wave)

Echoing drums in the distance, vaporous winds bearing the Old Voices, here to guide us through the coldness of the city , towards the ancestral light.


Mattress (usa)

Mattress is a hybrid of synth pathos and soul shouting. A solo project born of struggle and heavy thoughts. Something like Iggy Pop and Tom Jones mixed with Kraftwerk and Suicide. Drum machines rattle basslines swoop the voice croons about survival, lost dreams and of course, love. Rex Marshall is from the sinful city of Las Vegas, Nevada. MATTRESS has been his vehicle since 2006. It is not easy listening.



Analogic cold afterparty avec Hatecraft | Muffin | X-Pulsiv

TicketsFree entrance !

Café Central – Borgval 14 – 1000 Bruxelles


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