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Magasin 4 – Brussels – 30 May 2015 – 17:30

Written by Joy Division, released by New Order, « Ceremony » is a cult song illustrating the transition from post-punk to cold wave and the unique mix of indie rock and dance music invented by the band from Manchester.

Besides Fantastique.Nights, Anthêsis launches a new concept with Ceremony, a festival dedicated to underground music, mixing styles and times: post-punk, synth pop, new wave, kraut rock and industrial sounds from yesterday, today and tomorow.

For this first edition, a special program was prepared, combining newcomers (Perturbator and Geometric Vision), cult acts (Modern English and Felix Kubin) and established artists (Tying Tiffany and Organic).

Welcome to the party. Here is Ceremony.

Perturbator (f)

“The legend says he’s half human, half synthesizer… »

With is punchy cybernetic electro music supported by strong grindhouse images, James Kent aka Pertubartor is one of the leaders of the revival synthwave scene along with Danger, Lazehawk or Kavinsky.

After the release of 2 albums in 2012 (Terror 404 and I am the Night), Perturbator took part to the soundtrack of The Guest, an american thriller. His music was also used for the Hotline 1 & 2 videogames.

« Dangerous Days », his latest album was released in August 2014 by Blood Music. Perturbator then gives his first live dates.

The first one in Belgium will be at Ceremony.


Modern English (uk)

Modern English were formed in Colchester, Essex, England, in 1977 by Robbie Grey (Vocals), Gary McDowell (Guitar) and Michael Conroy (Bass). Originally known as the Lepers, the band made their name in the burgeoning punk scene where they would get together exclusively to play at parties, until they were picked up by 4AD. Richard Brown (Drums) and Stephen Walker (Keyboards) were subsequently added to the line-up of the band. A debut single, « Drowning Man » was released in 1980 on the Limp Records label. The band’s debut full-length; « Mesh & Lace », released by 4AD a year later, it drew heavily on the gloomy post-punk sound already patented by bands such as Joy Division. The follow-up « After The Snow » showed a huge progression, as they introduced warmth and strong guitar harmonies (most notably on the minor classic « I Melt With You »), rejecting the tinny bleakness of the debut. It was especially well received in the USA, and the band relocated to New York to consolidate a popularity encouraged by college radio. 1984′s « Richochet Days » had a crisper production but less creative experimentation.

By the time of « Stop Start » (1986), the band had left 4AD and Walker and Brown had quit the band and Aaron Davidson (Keyboards, Guitar) had joined. Grey initially returned to England to form a new outfit, but reconvened Modern English in 1990 with Davidson and Conroy. They released « Pillow Lips » on the TVT label in 1990, Robbie Grey and band member Ted Mason co-wrote and produced a second release for TVT though it received very little enthusiasm from the label. Locked into contractual obligations, Grey subsequently put the band on hold to study and travel, leaving Mason to handle the legal issues.

In 1995, Modern English again re-formed with the line-up of Matthew Shipley (keyboards) Ted Mason (guitar) and of course, Robbie Grey. They recorded « Everything’s Mad » on the Imago label. In 1998 the line-up changed again, keeping Matthew Shipley and adding Steven Walker (guitars), Ian Robbins (bass) and Jon Solomon (drums). In 1999 Ian was replaced by Nik Williams (bass). In 2001 they recorded a new album ‘Soundtrack’ with producer Hugh Jones but due to the collapse of the record company it was shelved. Finally in 2010 this album is being released by Darla and tours follow with the original line-up.

The post punk pioneers are coming to europe to play a lot of their early material.Ranging from the early 4ad singles such as ‘ Swans on glass  » to tracks from both  » Mesh and lace  » including « 16 days  » and « After the snow  » with its world wide known hit  »’ I melt with you « .
As Robbie grey the singer says about the original band ‘ When we get together and make music it really works ».


Felix Kubin (d)

Felix Kubin lives and works against the gravity with Sci-Fi pop, noise, animation films, radio plays (Hörspiele) and experimental broadcasting. As the messenger of exploding lungs he started his label « Gagarin Records » in 1998 and rules the « syndicate of counter-noise » since 9.9.1999. Felix Kubin is one of electronic music’s most dynamic and versatile performers. A lovechild of the home recording era, his activities include futuristic pop, radio plays, electroacoustic music, and works for chamber orchestra. Kubin’s music is saturated with enthusiasm for disharmonic pop, industrial noise, and 20th-century avant-garde music. In the last 20 years, he has released a diverse array of albums and played over 80 electronic music festivals. He likes to move between high and low culture, clubs and concert halls, as his main concern is the shifting of contexts and expectations. Indeed,

Felix Kubin might very well be the most important clairvoyant for the now incorporeal cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, whose phantasmagorical concepts are telepathically transmitted through him as the sad humming of the protones.


Tying Tiffany (it)

Tying Tiffany has always searched for a sincere and original approach to the various forms of art to which she has always been attracted. And for this reason she chose to attend the Art Institute which allowed her to experiment with various artistic paths from design to photography to performance art, but keeping in mind that only music permits her to reach the full expressive force through an avant-garde style, irreverent and against the current. With her first single “You Know Me”, released by Get Physical ( Dj T. & M.A.N.D.Y.) from Berlin, she is included in the compilation “Full Body Workout vol 2.” The debut album “Undercover“ (Jato Music) dated 2005 is an astounding condensed citationist and an explicit feminist stance. Techno Punk and hardcore rhythms and electro living together with the Industrial past of TT, with her passion for post punk and dadaism. The record attracts great interest from critics and public. “Brain for Breakfast” follows released by the American label I Scream Records, an album of passage, rich with collaborations among those with Nic Endo and Pete Namlook. A tour sets off that winds through more than 200 dates throughout Europe in the best international clubs both for rock and electronica. Her performances are unforgettable experiences that find their strength in the alternation of moments of rare intensity as well as of disarming fragility. 2010 is the year of “Peoples Temple” (Trisol Records), album from the most dark shades, (as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis could also be defined as dark) in which TT moves with ease and originality. The title is an an explicit reference to the pseudo-religious cult led by Jim Jones who, on 18 November 1978, became the protagonist of the largest massacre of civilians from unnatural causes before September 11th. The event itself is a pretext that TT uses to broaden her point of view about today’s society, to the total lack of the lack of the ability to discriminate and prevailing ignorance.

“Dark Days, White Nights“ (Trisol Records 2012). “Drownin’”, first single taken from the album, had a prestigious premiere in October 2011, with its inclusion on the soundtrack of the latest edition of the highly popular game for PC and Console from Electronic Arts FIFA 12; Tying Tiffany was the only Italian artist to be chosen among 39 bands from 15 different nations among those picked The Ting Tings, CSS, Kasabian, TV On The Radio, The Strokes, Foster the People and Thievery Corporation in what was defined an “Insane International Line-Up” by MTV Iggy. In “Dark Days, White Nights” TT offers a textbook lesson in post-punk attitude on a collision course with a wall of sound that refers to 1st wave electronica, and strengthens, further, her reputation as an exceptional composer faithful to the roots of the genre. The first song “New Colony” was included on the CSI: Ney York soundtrack airing February 3rd, episode “Brooklyn ‘Til i die” and the track “Storycide” was chosen by CBS for “Blood Moon” episode No. 3 of the eleventh season of CSI: Las Vegas. In her new album “Drop” (Trisol / ZerOKilled Music 2014) she crafts her own brand of dark, dreamy pop, full of buzzing synths, piercing vocals, and infectious electro-beats. While maintaining that accessible pop factor, “Drop” finds inspiration in an eclectic mix of 90s electronica, R&S and Rising High Records, acid house and chill-wave.


Organic (b)

The project started in 2011 after a common Post New Wave Tour. Joris Oster and Raphaël Haubourdin decided to create an electro band merging the power of a fuzzy bass guitar with electronic signals. After few nights spent in a recording studio, Alchemy took place Joris, already bass player in Silver Riot, delivers amazing hard tones in accordance with the Keys sequences and deep voices of Raphaël Haubourdin, also the father of Graceland, a darkwave project.

Now Organic became a trio with the arrival of Olivier Justin on drums. He was the drumer of Pneumatic Head Compressor, Dep Charge, Gringo Limo, Be Plouvier Organic, an effective and original project to shake you head.


Geometric Vision (it)

Geometric Vision is a band created by A.Giordano. He starts composing songs and lyrics reflecting dark and nostalgic atmospheres typical of dark and cold wave, but with a modern attitude which draws inspiration from contemporaneous berlin’s and British minimal synth experiments. After a while he decides to create a real band which takes more substantial form after having experienced several line up changes… With Gennaro Campanile playing bass guitar and Roberto Amato on guitar everything seems to work out.

Geometric Vision is an unique fusion of stirring darkwave atmosphere with coldwave moving energy of 80′ based on raw oldschool synths sound, their music is full of developed hypnotic melodies which will keep your body dancing in trance. Mysterious, weird and perfect!


DJ sets

Between and after concerts, Q.Pierce (Empereur) will play a selection of his favourite underground tracks.


  • Presale: stopped
  • At the door: 30 euros



Magasin 4
Avenue du Port 51B Havenlaan – 1000 Brussels

Time schedule

17:30 – doors
18:00 – Geometric Vision
18:45 – Organic
19:45 – Tying Tiffany
21:00 – Felix Kubin
22:30 – Modern English
00:30 – Perturbator
02:00 – curfew


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